Your Baby's First Spoon

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Baby’s First Feeding Spoon, infant self-latching technology, 2 pack, Non toxic BPA Free, made in Germany

Starting solids is one of the major transitions of your baby's first year. Ergonomically designed by MIT graduates and devoted parents, Spuni’s patented tulip design triggers baby’s natural latching instinct to help baby transition more naturally to solids. Spuni's innovative design also prevents baby from choking on too much food, making mealtimes safer and a lot less messy. Spuni baby spoons are just the right length to reach the bottom of food jars and bowls. Made in Germany from food safe, medical grade TPU – the same material used in pacifiers and baby bottle nipples. BPA free, BPS free, Phthalates and PVC free. Each set includes a clear plastic travel case with two baby spoons in bright attractive colors that babies love. Hypoallergenic and top-rack dishwasher safe. 

+ Stage One is recommended for infants age four months and up

+ Stage Two is recommended for infants age eight months and up

Our spoons have passed stringent EU/German tests and are safe for all ages.

Spuni unique patented tulip design makes starting solids safer, easier, and less messy for babies and parents everywhere!

Each set includes a clear plastic travel case with two baby spoons in bright attractive colors that babies love. 

Product Features:

  • FIRST SPOON DESIGNED TO PROMOTE LATCHING. Helping babies and parents with a spoon that promotes a natural transition from liquid to solid food for an easy feeding experience. Whether breastfed or bottle fed, milk or formula, Spuni provides the right amount of food for each mouthful to prevent overfeeding and choking hazards.
  • UNIQUE PATENTED TULIP-SHAPED DESIGN promotes natural latching reflexes, supporting portion control and reducing wasted food and messy feeding situations, while being gentle on baby’s gums to help improve appetite and alleviate anxiety and soreness during teething.
  • BEAUTIFUL ROUNDED ERGONOMIC DESIGN invented by Brooklyn parents and manufactured in Germany with the highest safety, precision, and regulatory standards, is comfortable for feeders to hold and top rack dishwasher safe, made from food grade BPA free, BPS free, Phthalates, Silicone and PVC free, non-toxic plastics.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND DURABLE Spuni’s fun design and playful color palette makes meals exciting while promoting a healthy lifestyle, from stage one feeding and beyond.

Warning: Compatible with most commonly used steam sterilizers; please do not steam sterilize in microwave.