Banana, Strawberry & Chia Smoothie on the Go!

We had a late start this morning, so it was smoothies all around! I add chia seeds and ground flax seed to give it some substance and it keep tummies full for a couple of hours if there is no time to sit down.⠀

Chia seeds are safe to give to your little one from 7-8m + .⠀
Benefits of chia seeds:⠀
They are full of antioxidants, omega three fatty acids and fiber. ⠀

When ground into dust or, “chia meal,” they provide the perfect substitute for eggs in baking – a great option for vegans or those with an egg allergy. ⠀

Chia seeds are very mild in flavour so you can add them into almost any meal: smoothies, purees, fruit spread and even pudding.⠀

For this smoothie I used:⠀
x2 bananas (adds sweetness)⠀
x8-10 strawberries⠀
1 tbsp chia seeds⠀
1 tbsp ground flaxseed⠀
x4 tbsp plain greek yoghurt (optional to make creamier)⠀
100ml apple juice (optional for sweetness but not necessary)⠀
100-200ml cold water (depending on how thick you prefer consistency).⠀

Blend in blender and serve for baby, toddler or even grown ups! 😄 This recipe made enough for x2 adults and a toddler.⠀

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